Chris finds a way to take a day that tends to follow the same timeline regardless of the couple and portray something that is so personal to them.
— Claire + Jake

I don’t consider myself a “wedding videographer” because I’m just a filmmaker at heart. Our films are about you and the love of your life, about collaboration, and being there to capture those memories. So your story will be remembered for generations to come. Let me tell that story.

ABout ME

For commercial work, please check out Bare North!

What began as a love for films, has turned into something so much bigger. Growing up, I was entranced by movies, the stories they told, and how my memories became attached to them. I love the individual moments (real moments!) that make up the day and just visually telling real stories about two people in love. It’s beautiful! Born out of that passion is Sky Focus Films. If you love beauty in all it’s imperfections and the authenticity of just being present in the day and thats what you want to really remember for a lifetime. Then let’s go on an adventure! Fill out our form, or just email me.

Note on Pricing: Most couples spend between 4-6k.

Email: |Phone: 303(dash)887(dash)9780