2018 – GIVE A DAY

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On giving back, paying it forward, and a kickass help-some-humans-out giveaway.

Announcing: Give-A-Day 2018

Two years ago, I launched Give-A-Day. I wanted to take a more active approach to living life with intention, purpose, and in making a difference in and for the lives of others. Last year I asked Athena Pelton if she could join me (every wedding needs a photographer, too, right?!), She is one of the most giving, unselfish, and most talented people I know. She comes with a big heart and a lot of love for people from all walks of life. It’s no surprise I was elated and ecstatic when she agreed to partnering up on this project.I’m honored and humbled by the honest, heartfelt, courageous and inspiring stories that were sent to us last year, and as such am So. Damn. EXCITED that Give-A-Day is back!


Athena and I have joined forces yet again (can I get a HELL YEAH!) to give away a wedding film and photography package. We will meet with you, talk about your day, help with your schedule, shoot the day-of events, edit the images and film into a beautiful, artistic story, and deliver it to you at no charge. Our goal is to have it grow organically and make a bigger impact by showing others what it feels like to give and also showing a different side of the wedding industry.

Of course, there’s a catch to all this (but don’t worry it’s a good one!);

Each of us is donating a day of our time to you and your story, so we are asking that in return the winning couple (you!!!) do the same. We give. You give. Hearts get bigger. It’s a win-win-win.

Here are all the juicy details and all the info you need on how to submit your wedding story to Give-A-Day (it’s easy, we promise):

  1. If you’re not already, make sure you are following both of us on Instagram. Sky Focus + Athena Pelton
  2. Look through our websites and post a favorite photo of Athena’s, as well as a favorite film of Christopher’s (you’ll need a 3rd party app, like Repost, to post videos to IG) captioning the photo with our name (via @mention), why you love the image/film and the hashtag #giveaday2018. (Please also tag us in the photo/video to make sure we see your entry. If your IG settings are private we will not be able to see your posts, but you can DM a screen grab of them to either of our IG accounts. If you only post a video or a photo your entry will not be valid.)
  3. Submit an inquiry via either of our websites Sky Focus Films or Athena Pelton letting us know when and where you’re getting married, which organization you’ll be donating your time to and why, and fill us in on your story. The more detailed and heartfelt and honest and candid (and all the other buzzwords) your story is, the better, as this year we’ll be selecting the winners based on the submitted story. (And be prepared to act! If chosen you must be willing to dedicate a full day of volunteering to the charity of your choice for a full day as a couple! (ex. 8 hours a day together/16 hours total). We will be asking for a copy of the completion document from your charity prior to your wedding day.

New This Year: (We are so excited about this!!): 

  1. You need not be local to Minneapolis to enter! We are (finally!) accepting entries from anywhere, and for a non-local winner will only require the winning couple cover travel costs.
  2. Do you already have a photographer or cinematographer booked for your day? Fret not! You can still enter! Just let us know if you are submitting for only photography or cinematography and are not in need of both of us.

And finally (Phew!):

The deadline for submissions is no later than 5PM Central Time, Monday February 19th. The winner will be announced on Friday, February 23rd.

*Throws Confetti*