Extra Tidbit: I was married 2 years ago and it again opened my eyes to the differences between film and photo. As much as I believed it, to actually experience it for myself was something so surreal. When my wife and I (pictured above) were married, a couple months later we received our photos. Of course being in the industry and having my own aesthetic I was extremely picky about the photographer and our cinematographer! We opened the photos and were taken back by their beauty and art as we flipped through them. About a month later we received the film and I was instantly in tears, I relived the day in a way that felt more tangible than the amazing photos because it took over all of my senses and gave me a feeling of love and thankfulness that I can’t fully describe in words. To see my parents happy, my nephew dance, and my wife smile as big as the ocean when she looked into my eyes, is priceless. Let me say this in the end… as a recent Groom (not cinematographer), the film was by far my favorite piece. – Chris



What began as a love for films, has turned into something so much bigger. Growing up, I was entranced by movies and the stories they told. More importantly, the emotional impact a clip of moving pictures could have. Whether they made me laugh out loud, cry, or simply just warm my heart, I was smitten. Born out of that love is Sky Focus Films. We strive to tell real stories in a way that is relatable and reflective. To make films that balance art and realism. There is such beauty and authenticity in just being present. We want to be witness to those raw moments of pure happiness that only exist when you just allow things to happen as they do. Our goal is to make an artistically relevant film that stirs the head and the heart. So when you as a couple sit down five, ten, twenty years from now, it will be a time of nostalgia, re-living a day of such great beauty and memories.